Help us help you. The following items listed are some of the common places and objects mosquitoes utilize for breeding.

Checking these and eliminating the standing water within them will help minimize mosquito populations in your area.

  • Potted plants with pans underneath that hold water.
  • Standing water in low grassy areas,tire tracks, and swales.
  • Roof gutters plugged with leaves hold water.
  • Replace water in pet dishes.
  • Trash or "spare parts".
  • Large animal water troughs.
  • Old tires.
  • Cover rain barrels with house screening.
  • Unused or poorly maintained pools.
  • Bromeliads and other plants that hold water.
  • Water-filled tree holes.
  • Flat roofs that get lots of leaf litter.
  • Boats left out for extended periods.
  • Bird baths,barbecue grills,ash trays, and other small containers.

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