Education and Public Outreach


School Programs-

In the last year The District has invested a lot of time and effort into our school programming. We had the opportunity to visit many of our county's elementary schools. Our school program is designed to meet the learning level of our young students and meet many benchmarks of the Florida State Sunshine Standards. Our staff has been able to design lesson plans to meet your classrooms needs, all the while getting kids excited about science and understanding how mosquitoes affect our lives here in Florida. This program is free and we will work closely with teachers in order to meet their time constraints. If you are interested in having our staff come to your school or would like more information on this program please contact Ambyr Marsicano at:

What the teachers had to say....

Dear Ms. Marsicano,

 "...Thank you so much for visiting Freedom Elementary kindergarten students and sharing your wonderful presentation on the life cycle of a mosquito.  It was a huge hit and received rave reviews from the children and teachers.  We are always a little apprehensive with new programs as we rarely encounter outside educational opportunities that are designed for our very young learners.  We were so pleased to see a program that was so appropriately written and presented on their level.  Incorporating our English/Language Arts curriculum standards into your lesson was very beneficial to the students as it demonstrates real life application and reinforces the vocabulary we use with them every day..." (Freedom Elementary Teacher, Kindergarten)


"...The information she shares is reviewed multiple times during her presentation, which is wonderful for their comprehension and retention.  The powerpoint she developed is wonderful and appropriate for their grade levels.  The information she covers is so important.  She makes connections to things students might know, like the life cycle of a butterfly, and gives students multiple opportunities to participate.
Her program finishes with a hands on activity, where students are given a chance to use magnifying glasses and observe  mosquitoes in various stages of their life cycle.  This is a particularly popular part of her program.  Here she gives them the opportunity to do some self exploration, then has them try to focus on specific things..."        (Samoset Elementary Teacher, Kindergarten and Second Grades)





Throughout the year, we actively participate in many community activities. Whether it is the county and state fairs, visits to local area schools, or local land improvements, we are always trying to better the community that we live in. Helping the public to better understand our operations, especially spraying operations, is the key goal.



Each year we participate in the County fair. This is good way for us to reach the public about important issues. Helping people locate breeding sites of mosquitoes around their house is one of the most important. Explaining aerial spraying and fog truck applications is another important topic that the public needs to be well informed of.