Official Documents

Public Board Meetings held at 9:00 AM on the 10th of each month at the District Facility unless the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday in which case it is held the preceding work day at 9:00 AM

Department of Financial Services

Chapter 2002-332 House Bill No. 397 (PDF 203kb)


March 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 26kb)

February 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 22kb)

Manatee County Mosquito Control Official Info Updated 1/7/2019 (PDF 49kb)

January 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 22kb)

2019 Holiday Schedule 1/3/19 (PDF 59kb)

Local Budget Amendment #2 FY 18-19 12/10/18 (PDF 94kb)

December 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 28kb)

Local Budget Amendment #1 FY 18-19 11/09/18 (PDF 807kb)

Resolution 2018-7 (PDF 364kb)

November 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 25kb)

October 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 37kb)

Annual Certified Budget 2018-19 (PDF 767kb)

Resolution 2018-6 (PDF 126kb)

Resolution 2018-5 (PDF 45kb)

Resolution 2018-4 (PDF 397kb)

Resolution 2018-3 (PDF 415kb)

Resolution 2018-2 (PDF 472kb)

Resolution 2018-1 (PDF 39kb)

Local Budget Amendment #4 FY 17-18 09/10/18 (PDF 121kb)

09/14/18 Final Millage/Final Budget Meeting Agenda (PDF 27kb)

09/07/18 Tenative Millage/Tenative Budget Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 31kb)

September 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 27kb)

Detailed Work Plan Budget FY 18-19 08/09/18 (PDF 3023kb)


Archived Board Meeting Minutes