Official Documents

Public Board Meetings held at 9:00 AM on the 10th of each month at the District Facility unless the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday in which case it is held the preceding work day at 9:00 AM

Department of Financial Services

Chapter 2002-332 House Bill No. 397 (PDF 203kb)


April 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 30kb)

March 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 26kb)

February 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 22kb)

Manatee County Mosquito Control Official Info Updated 1/7/2019 (PDF 49kb)

January 2019 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 22kb)

2019 Holiday Schedule 1/3/19 (PDF 59kb)

Local Budget Amendment #2 FY 18-19 12/10/18 (PDF 94kb)

December 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 28kb)

Local Budget Amendment #1 FY 18-19 11/09/18 (PDF 807kb)

Resolution 2018-7 (PDF 364kb)

November 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 25kb)

October 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 37kb)

Annual Certified Budget 2018-19 (PDF 767kb)

Resolution 2018-6 (PDF 126kb)

Resolution 2018-5 (PDF 45kb)

Resolution 2018-4 (PDF 397kb)

Resolution 2018-3 (PDF 415kb)

Resolution 2018-2 (PDF 472kb)

Resolution 2018-1 (PDF 39kb)

Local Budget Amendment #4 FY 17-18 09/10/18 (PDF 121kb)

09/14/18 Final Millage/Final Budget Meeting Agenda (PDF 27kb)

09/07/18 Tenative Millage/Tenative Budget Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 31kb)

September 2018 Board Meeting Agenda (PDF 27kb)

Detailed Work Plan Budget FY 18-19 08/09/18 (PDF 3023kb)


Archived Board Meeting Minutes