Spraying / Fogging Schedule Page

This page provides updates on spray missions, fogging missions, and research. Below you will find the aerial spray routes and locations for the night. You will also be able to see what areas of the county are scheduled for fogging with our ULV fog trucks.

While we try to complete each spray and fog mission, there are circumstances that are beyond our control such as weather, vehicle problems, etc. which may prohibit us from completing that mission. When these problems arise we always try to reschedule the mission for a later day.

Please be aware that due to Florida's mild and unpredictable weather, truck and aerial spraying may be conducted at anytime during the year throughout Manatee County, although peak mosquito months tend to be May thru October. Should you have any concerns regarding the spray activities you may call the office and speak to the secretary for further information.


Click here for map.


NOTE: If no spray missions are posted on this page by 5:00 pm there will be NONE conducted that night.

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